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In feng shui, interior decoration starts with the front door

A front door into an apartment or house gives the first impression of the area that you have made into your home.

Entry door decoration based on feng shui | PIRNAR

According to the philosophy of feng shui, the front door channels (both negative and positive) energies, and only the selection of a properly selected front door will lead to true harmony in your home. Continue reading on how to choose an appropriate feng shui door.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy involved with understanding nature and the universe that has been developing for more than six thousand years. The term also denotes traditional Chinese techniques employed to assess a domicile. Feng shui is the art that helps sustain harmony with natural potentials inside your home. Feng shui translates literally into “wind-water”. These elements are generally associated with prosperity and health. Feng means wind, which is supposedly associated with illness. For centuries in China, protection from wind has been considered a preventive measure that is supposed to avert its negative impacts. Shui stands for water, and always plays a cohesive role. Water represents storage and union, and symbolizes life. Inherently, water combines both yin and yang, since it is simultaneously gentle and strong, and can flow between physical states. That is why water is a symbol of cohesion, union and communication.

Yin and yang

The feng shui philosophy is based on the belief that the world around us is made up of two opposing forces with an essential attraction, i.e. yin (passive) and yang (active).

Yin in yang represent a balance of natural opposites, such as night and day, or darkness and light. If balance is what you wish to introduce into your home, you need to know about the five elements of feng shui – water, fire, earth, metal and wood – and their significance:

  • Wood represents a period of growth and creation. In feng shui, it symbolizes family, health, money and abundance.
  • Fire represents a period of brimming. In feng shui, it symbolizes fame and reputation.
  • Earth represents a transitional period. It symbolizes love, law and knowledge.
  • Metal represents a period of consolidation and materialisation. It symbolizes children, creativity, friendship and assistance.
  • Water represent a period of retreat, and is a symbol of the life’s path.

Feng shui front doors bring harmony into your home

In feng shui, the main entryway into a domicile is extremely important, and represents the first point of contact with the living area. Namely, a front door connects the entire living area with the surroundings. Life force enters your home through the front door, which then redirects energies throughout. A front door is the most vital element of feng shui systems and should be meticulously planned. When not designed in line with feng shui principles, there is a risk of negative energies invading your home. Several aspects should be considered when selecting a feng shui front door, for example size, orientation, materials, functionality, accessibility and lighting.

What to consider when selecting a feng shui front door

Without a doubt, our general well-being and prosperity is connected to the environment that we live in. We all dream of a modern, bright and spacious home brimming with positive energy. Realize your dream by carefully selecting a modern, aesthetically pleasing and efficient front door. In feng shui, an entryway should lead to a large, comfortable vestibule that opens up into the rest of the living area. To allow for the flow of positive energies in feng shui, the front door should not directly be facing a staircase, restroom or the back door. The line of the front door should not be obstructed. According to feng shui experts, it is considered detrimental when a front door directly faces a street light, a tree or another architectural barrier. By the front door on the inside of your home, no mirrors should be placed because they are believed to reflect the good, positive life energy that enters your home back out into the open.

A front door should be large, easily accessible, properly dimensioned and well lit. The selection of materials – wood, metal or glass – for the front door should reflect the energies we wish to invite into our home. It should also guarantee excellent thermal conductivity properties to protect from the unfavourable effects of wind.

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