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It is strength, solidity and care. Warmth, kindness and desire for beauty. It shows that you can take care of your closest and dearest and that you want the best for them.

Pirnar Premium is the entrance that impresses your guests. It protects against the uninvited with care. It preserves the warmth of your home. It arouses the admiration of your friends. It is a technological masterpiece you will touch proudly every day.

Premium Optico

Premium Optico is a contemporary part of the Premium line. Sometimes it is playful, sometimes refined and elegant, and always fresh and in the spirit of the time. One look and one touch will be enough and you will want to open it every day. Premium Optico will amaze you with the master craftsman production and the universal beauty that will make every home more precious.

All models Premium Optico

Premium Classico

A home characterised by a romantic touch of the past, needs something special. Premium Classico, with its timeless beauty blends perfectly with a facade from a halcyon past. Every Classico door's ornamentation is pure poetry. Just like your home.

All models Premium Classico