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Pirnardoors USA presents Grande

Laguna Niguel, California, USA
September 12, 2017

Your home has one single point, one opportunity to sweep guest from their shoes - your entrance.

Your house has only one chance for stylish and superb first impression. Consider your entrance door as most important design element of majestic premium entrance to your home. Spacious entrance halls with high ceilings, majestic villas, modern castles and modern architecture masterpieces can't be equiped with mundane stock entrance.

Size definitely does matter when You consider door sizes. And You can and should refuse to have a regular-sized entrance. A select number of Pirnar entrances can be produced as Grande entrances, measuring up to 11 ft in height and 9 ft in width. Along with side elements, they create an impression of breathtaking grandeur.

Grande is a world of unparalleled elegance. It is an entrance for spaces and people that are larger than life.

Grande video

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