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Pirnar´s world

The Lure of Uncompromising Design.

Stunning Californian architecture blends beautifully with sandy beaches of Los Angeles and San Francisco or boasts confidently across Hollywood or the hills of Malibu. Pirnar’s audacious entrances make all Californian villas and houses luxurious masterpieces with its uncompromising design. With elegantly hidden handles, hidden fingerprint reader, magic night illumination and beautiful handmade smooth surfaces, each door is a masterpiece for itself.

It shows you appreciate perfection.

Only the perfect is good enough. Pirnar luxury exterior doors are handmade, perfectly shaped and flawlessly constructed. Touch it. You will feel carefully selected high valuable materials, workmanship precision and experience of old artisan masters in every detail.

Pirnar raises the value of your house.

The first impression counts most. Admiration starts at the entrance, not just inside. Excellent entrance will raise the expectations of your guests, or make it easy to set a higher price for the house you are selling.

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Finally, doors that show the real you.

Be yourself. Choose any dimension, any style and one of the dozens of shapes within that style. You can choose any colour and surface treatment. The variety of possible combinations of handles, knockers and locks will delight even the most demanding.

Pirnar OneTouch

Doors for lovers of convenience and comfort.

Comfort means you can forget about the annoying search for house keys. You ensure the safety of your home with a single touch of your finger. Comfort means a warm home even in the most severe winter. Comfort is also friendly and discreet lighting at the entrance where you need it most.

Choose your Pirnar.

Listen to your heart and choose doors that many will admire.

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