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Showroom experience

To see a photograph of a Pirnar entrance is impressive enough. However, when you place your hand on it, you are in for a series of surprises.

Showroom Orange County

23811 Aliso Creek Rd
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

P: (949) 402-9626

Opening time:
by appointment

As the world steps up to the challenge of controlling the Covid19 virus, we are maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety.

In our showroom, nobody can conceal their amazement when they see our masterpieces live and feel their flat surfaces and edges with their own hands.

The first element of surprise is their size. Due to their special shape, Pirnar entrances look magnificent. When you see the actual doors, they give the impression of being larger than they appear on photographs.

The second element of surprise is their build quality. Only when you brush your hand along their flat surfaces and edges, do you feel how precisely they have been manufactured. Even if you are a technical expert, you will be scratching your head about how all those surfaces without visible joints could have been created.

The third element of surprise is the way these doors are operated. Let us keep it a secret. Visit our store and try to open this door that weighs 220 pounds and might be up to 5.5 inches thick.