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Front doors tailored to your wishes

Each Pirnar front door is handmade and unique, prepared and made to measure, tailored to your wishes. You can choose between aluminium and wooden front door systems as well as a wood-aluminium combination.

Front doors tailored to your wishes | Pirnar

Each Pirnar front door is handmade and unique. Each front door is prepared and made to measure, tailored to your wishes. You can choose between aluminium and wooden front door systems, and of course there is also a wood-aluminium combination with many models available. Design your own front doors exactly to your liking and enrich the look of your entrance with them. You can choose between full doors, doors with glass cut-outs or even luxury glass doors made with black tempered glass. The choice is yours, there are no limits.

Our front doors are available in a variety of designs to suit the style of your house. Different color combinations ensure that the Pirnar front doors can also be combined with your windows. In order to quickly find the model that is perfect for you from our wide selection of front doors, we have divided the collections into 5 parts. Click for more information.

We pay a lot of attention to high-quality manual processing of our doors and the installation of proven security locks. The Pirnar doors can also be upgraded with the RC2 anti-theft protection to ensure even greater security.

Aluminium front doors

Pirnar aluminium front doors offer an excellent anti-theft protection cladding, with a unique design. With a standard multi-point lock, this front door is burglar-proof and design-perfect. You can choose from many door models. You can design the color, door handles and windows according to your wishes and thus complete the look of your new front doors, which come with the best thermal protection and sound insulation.

The aluminium front doors can also be equipped with a Pirnar fingerprint reader, a keypad for entering the security code or other security systems of your choice.

Large selection of front door models

The Pirnar collections of aluminium front doors contain many different designs. You can choose between front doors with a full door leaf, glass cut-outs, or lighting and overhead lights that will suit your house and give it a finishing touch.

You can read more about the selection of aluminium front doors in our guidebook.

Wooden front doors

Wooden front doors can be combined with various elements that will add a touch of modernity to them. We make them from the highest quality solid wood which blends with the architectural design. You can choose from three types of wood: spruce, larch or oak. Pirnar wooden front doors are available in a full wood version, they can include different types of glass panels and double-layered glass. Due to the multi-layered glass, which increases thermal insulation and energy efficiency, Pirnar front doors are suitable for passive and low-energy constructions.

Front doors in wood-aluminium combination

Wood provides a feeling of homeliness and warmth and significantly contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. Properties that are also very important in front doors. If the entrance hall is open or combined with the living space, the whole image creates an impression of welcome.

Good thermal protection is also important for such an installation as it prevents heat loss and high energy costs. At Pirnar, we offer a very good U-value with a combination of wood and aluminium, thus ensuring excellent sound and heat insulation with minimal maintenance.

Unique and individual front door design

All Pirnar front doors can be designed according to your wishes. You can choose from a number of models to create a traditional look, a modern look or a combination of both. Each door is handmade and refined to the last detail. Every detail is reviewed and finished to fit you and your new entrance perfectly. Pirnar doors have received several awards and are recognised around the world. Their design is bold, innovative and uncompromising, just like the professionals who design them. Not only doors, also accessories such as glass, handles, door handles and modern unlocking methods are finished to the smallest detail.

Of course, side entrances to your home should never be disregarded. Garage doors, basement entrance doors and storage room doors also need to be adequately protected, because we do not use these entry doors as often. You can select Pirnar front doors with different levels of protection - depending on your needs.

Door accessories

By ordering custom front entry doors you bring a personal touch to the entrance of your home, so we offer you a wide range of design options, depending on the model and style of your doors. You can choose from a variety of handles, colors and types of glass to create your own unique exterior front doors.

To get a taste of what your new luxury front doors would look like, you can log in for a free design.

From the basic determination of the door style, which is in accordance with the architecture of the building, to the definition of all decorative and technical details, you will be accompanied by our experts in our showrooms. They will listen to your ideas and help you with advice. We will equip the house front doors with a company certificate and a laser engraved plate on which you can imprint your own message.

Aligned door surfaces or variegated engraved patterns, use of geometric shapes or playing with stained glass and patterns, single or double-leaf doors, different combinations of materials and colors, sidelights and pull handles with inscriptions or illumination; for the final product the only limit is your imagination.

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